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We believe the most effective connections are emotional and that starts with a solid brand. Our Agency helps you connect your brand to receptive customers in exciting and engaging ways. We focus on your success by reinforcing your brand message with effective marketing, branding, and talent casting services.

With over 20 years of experience, we put our love for marketing success into each of our client's projects. Whether your needs call for an integrated campaign, or to compliment existing marketing, we approach every challenge armed with passion and the resources you need to achieve the most bang for your buck.

  • Dixon Schwabl
    Rochester, NY
    I want to say thank you for making our television project come together so smoothly. Your team and talented actors were simply fabulous to work with.
  • Karen Lee
    Karen Lee Group, NYC
    Definitely the best agency to book or cast talent in the Southeast! Tucker has a great eye and has a true understanding of the business.
  • Trevor Colepepper
    Breedwell Farms
    I can't express how wonderful it was working with your agency! We needed a very complex project quickly and your team got it done. Amazing work!
  • James Carey
    Suite Journeys Travel
    Holy Crap Batman! I LOVE the new look you did for us on our latest web project! We appreciate your eye to detail and commitment to seeing the task through.
  • Jim Sheaffer
    Sun Printing Corporation
    Count on Tucker to deliver what you need on time at the best possible value and always gets results with a very wide range of capabilities.

Our clients

Your brand is your ultimate promise to the consumer. A GOOD good brand delivers that promise through captivating visuals, effective marketing, and ongoing brand nurturing. Here are just a few clients we have had the pleasure of working with.

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Your Brand

Our clients take the worry out of their brand marketing with us. We apply our core assets and marketing expertise all in one place to build and promote your brand. After our team establishes a killer internet presence, we strategically market your business, nurture your brand, and attract more customers. We provide an affordable way to have your brand managed and marketed 24/7.

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brand personalities

Our Talent Division provides casting services for big brands, commercials, films, television, industrial, promotional, and print; both union and non-union projects, principals and extras. We identify the ideal mix of professional models and actors, as well as character-based and street-cast personalities, along with real people, for clients ranging from retail advertisers and fashion labels to hospitality resorts and lifestyle brands. Whether your budget is big or small, we go above and beyond to make sure all projects are impeccably cast.

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web brands  

"I don't use the internet to shop, pay bills, socialize, book my vacation, or research a topic", said no one ever. Today's websites are no longer optional viewing as most businesses and services rely solely on them. Websites have become an everyday essential, whether on your desktop or from your mobile device. A great website reinforces the brand, generates leads, and incorporates reputation awareness by boosting public sentiment through social channels and customer reviews.

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