Tucker Marcom

The Importance of Branding For Small Business

- Thursday, December 21, 2017

Branding For Small Business - Does It Really Matter? Branding is one of those big words that marketers and multinationals see as core to business. What if you’re not a giant company with a huge budget? In the world of small business, where every dollar counts and every mistake is felt deep, does branding deserve a place in your budget?

Everyone throws around the word "brand," but what is it really? A brand is a complex bundle of feelings. It’s how you’d like the people in your world (customers, tribe, clients) to feel about you and your business. So a brand infused with an irresistible luster is going to make your customers’ hearts beat a little faster. If they’re confused or baffled by your brand, they’re not to going to buy. Focus in on that spark in your business!

Your brand is what sets you and your business apart. It’s never just your logo, name or tagline. It has a real and distinct personality, an energy and attitude, character, behavior, value system, code of ethics. Your brand reflects who you are, what you believe in, what you offer. And, of course, why it matters. If you're a local or regional player, or small online biz, your brand matters. If you have a small business and an online presence, like it or not, you’re on the global map. In this virtual world, everyone has total access and can come knocking on your virtual door any time, day or night. So if you’re interested in a business with customers, you’re going to want a brand because without it, you lack an identity, a presence, and a purpose.

One of the biggest mistakes small businesses make when branding on their own is they’re not who they say they are. The best idea is to be your own person. Speak in your own voice. Be authentic, real and congruent. Another is when the lights are out. People can tell when no one’s home, right? Infuse your brand with your own unique energy. Language is a tricky too. Be aware of the invisible clues embedded in your brand. They can be emotional triggers telling your audience to “go away or don’t buy!” Keep a close eye on what your brand is actually communicating to your audience 24/7.

Be madly, truly and deeply in love with your brand. If you have any ounce of resistance or doubt, your audience will sniff it a mile away. A potent dose of passion will get you through even the toughest patch along the way. Nothing quite like clarity. Murky thinking is not a smart business strategy. Agility and a nimble mind tends to put you ahead of the pack. Know what your audience is longing for. It’s all very well if you believe you have a special product/service to offer but if no one else cares, you’re toast. Before you even start thinking about building a small business brand, make sure that there are real people are there who are craving what you’re really offering.

Small businesses should always keep helpful resources handy, like a knowledgeable marketing agency. An agency can manage with the creativity and experience you need to propel your brand to the top and help you reach your growth goals. Hiring a marketing agency like Tucker MarCom will allow you to instantly benefit from their skills and experience saving you time and money while producing results. Never be afraid to discuss budgets and exceptations so that any outside marketing help you get can work and grow along with the pace of your business.