Tucker Marcom

Why Branding Matters

- Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Why does branding matter? Because it works. In an ever-competitive world, branding is one way of helping you increase sales and at the same time protect and extend the uniqueness of your service or product. If you have a business, it’s likely that someone, at some time, told you to “build your brand.” How can I become a great brand? How can I make this brand sustainable? What will bring value to my brand? Just what is my story, and how do I tell it?

Branding is more than a logo. It’s more than a website. It’s more than a business card. It’s more than the colors and typefaces you choose to represent your company. Your brand is your voice in the marketplace, and it is your proposition for disruption. It is your opportunity to create something with lasting impact. It is how you tell your story, and it is absolutely key to your success and your survival.

Most entrepreneurs go to market not with a brand, but with an idea—an idea that can be so soulful and personal that it can be challenging to present and explain to others. You think everyone should intrinsically understand it, as you do—but they don’t. And that’s why you need to develop effective brand messaging.

Your brand helps customers and prospects, understand and remember what’s unique about you. It tells your story and helps attract new customers and keep the ones you already have. Your brand is the definition that identifies your business, and makes specific promises like "Save Money, Live Better".

Branding is just as important for small business as for large ones. For example, there are hundreds of simliar businesses in the area, several per block in some neighborhoods. Why do some thrive while others fail? Is the same service better? Is the atmosphere friendlier? Is the price lower? A well-branded business knows the one or two things it’s best at, and uses those to create a brand message. A good brand: delivers its message clearly, confirms the credibility of the message, connects to its audience emotionally, motivates the buyer, and reinforces loyalty.

A good brand speaks clearly to its audience about the nature of the product or service, and the people behind it. A brand isn’t “different for the sake of being different.” A strong brand is clearly differentiated by its own unique story. What’s your brands story? Perhaps we can help you define it.