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The casting of actors and models can be a process, especially on a tight budget, but do not cut corners. The quality of your project is all in the details. We provide casting services for commercials, films, television, industrials, promotional, and print; both union and non-union projects, principals and extras. We identify the ideal mix of professional models and actors, as well as character-based and street-cast personalities, along with real people, for clients ranging from retail advertisers and fashion labels to hospitality resorts and lifestyle brands.

As a talent source leader, it is our job to deliver professional and experienced talent to ad agencies, photographers, retailers, resorts, and broadcast media companies. Casting selections are thorough, well-organized and presented in a seamless, client-friendly manner. Whether your budget is big or small, we go above and beyond to make sure all projects are impeccably cast. Combined with our experience and network of our remarkable talent, it is easy to see why Tucker MarCom has a reputation of repeat clients and successful projects.

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