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Digital Marketing helps develop relationships with the right audience at the right time.

Effective online advertising delivers your specific message to targeted consumers at the moment they are searching for it. After we learn your customer's profile demographics, we use a combination of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, search engine marketing (SEM), and social media marketing to turn them into paying customers.

online advertising

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Benefits of Advertising Online

Once only available to the big companies, it is now much easier and cost-effective for any size business to use paid advertising. Be reminder that online advertising is no easy task and can require continuous attention. With insights into your industry as well as local search, Tucker MarCom has what it takes to help you boost sales and build customer loyalty. We can help you plan a local strategy, develop customer profiles, integrate content and keywords, and monitor your performance.

CUSTOMIZE YOUR MESSAGE - Online display ads are like print ads in the digital world. They can feature text, full-color graphics, logos, promotions, and anything it takes to present your business. The good news is they are clickable and can direct customers to exactly where you want to take them. Turn lookers into buyers.

FLEXIBLE AND AFFORDABLE - Digital marketing is more affordable than traditional marketing and is by far easier to track than other forms of advertising media. A digital campaign will allow you to measure the success in real time giving you the advantage of planning more effectively and making changes almost instantly.

PAY ONLY FOR WHAT YOU USE - Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) is a powerful advertising channel for quickly reaching prospects in specific demographics online. PPC advertising utilizes keyword strategy and automated bidding technologies to make sure that your ads appear in front of the right target audience, at the right time.

PROMOTE BRAND AWARENESS - Display advertising is the ideal advertising channel for marketers who need to build a strong brand presence and increase consumer awareness with their brand. The majority of display advertising is based on impressions where success is measured by how many users were exposed to or interacted with your brand.

KEEP MARKETING AFTER THE SALE - Display advertising can be targeted to consumers who have visited a brand's website, but left without completing a desired action. This is type of advertising is called "retargeting" or "remarketing" and it can be successful in driving lost customers back to a brand that they have interacted with previously.

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