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Your website is the most important tool you have for marketing your business. Period.

Build Traffic, Generate Customers

Traditional marketing encompasses all activity from PR to print advertising. However, from an online perspective, you can monitor and analyze anyone who is looking at your online activities and tailor your approach to reach them. Websites not only need to give a great first impression, but must also tell your story in a way that invites trust in your products and services, what sets you apart from your competitor, and ways that bring the customer to action.

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online evaluation

Every business has a story to tell.Let our team make that possible for you with an attractive online presence. Once we identify your marketing expectation, we can move towards a website that is right for you. Start with an online evaluation, or call us directly at 843-681-7827.

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Project Overview

We prefer the the old adage, "measure twice, cut once". In this very important first step, we will review the scope of the project and set forth any marketing goals. We will will provide an honest time line for completion and highlight any necessary tools, media-budget, or additional resources that may be needed for a successful launch.

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website structure

Using your project "blueprint", our team will layout and design the necessary website structure, domain service, email templates, and any related marketing campaigns. During the build-out, we provide routine client updates so you can track the progress. Once final approval is obtained, your project is deployed to a live environment for public viewing.

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Manage & Track

By this step, your project has launched, and the management phase begins. We will begin to track the campaign outcome and modify accordingly for maximum return-on-investment. Clients have a choice to work along-side our team, manage the project themselves, OR have Tucker MarCom handle your on-going marketing.

Accelerate Your Brand

Let's Work Together

Are you looking for a brand new website, or a slick makeover to your existing site? Our team develops affordable online website solutions to attract new customers and increase sales.

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A Unified Platform for Your Online World

  • Show off your stuff, capture leads, and convert sales.
  • Stay creative with flexible content management.
  • Targeted email marketing.
  • eCommerce tools and payment gateways.
  • Powerful reporting and analytics.
  • Email hosting and webmail access.
  • Optimized for Google search engine results.

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